For many, there comes a point sooner or later where you want to share your love for nudity with your family. Making yourself vulnerable, especially if you are not completely sure about how they will react to the news, can be a rather daunting experience. You might feel insecure and start worrying thinking about it.

If confrontation is not your style and you would like to approach the topic gradually and gently I have put together for you 5 simple steps, that will help you to gradually approach the topic. They are guaranteed to slowly make you comfortable sharing your love for clotheslessness with your parents, family and friends.

Step 1: Taste the water

Instead of jumping right to the point and risking overwhelming your loved ones by throwing it right out there, that you are a nudist, give them, as well as yourself, some time to become familiar and comfortable with the topic. The best way to start is by having a generic conversation about naturism. You could for example mention that you have recently read an article about the popularity of nudism in Germany or the benefits of sleeping in the buff and ask your parents for their opinion on the topic. This way you are approaching the topic in a neutral and non-emotional way. After bringing up the topic, give them some time to think about it and listen to what they have to say about it. If they dismiss the topic or seem closed-minded towards the topic, you can simply ask them why that is or what makes them uncomfortable about nudity. Having such conversations is a great way to learn their opinion on the topic and find out possible difficulties when sharing you are a nudist later on. You can find some inspiration here.


Step 2: Walk around in underwear

A great way to set new standards regarding clothing at home is by reducing the number of clothes you wear gradually. A good place to start is the bathroom. If, for example, it is common in your house to get completely dressed in the bathroom after showering, next time just walk out in your underwear. You can gradually extend the time your family sees you in your undies. If they ask you why you suddenly walk around like this or seem to be bothered by it, have an open conversation with them where you share how you are more comfortable like this and it is just like wearing swimwear. Once this becomes the norm, you might even walk around the bathroom naked with someone else in there, if you are comfortable with it. You are slowly normalising nudity this way and getting your parents used to you being a nudist.


Step 3: Sleep naked

If you have not done so already by this point, share with your family the benefits of sleeping naked. It can even improve the quality of your sleep. There are many articles only covering this topic and even studies being done about it. A Google search will help you out with numbers and facts. After mentioning all the benefits, you can bring up that you have tried it and have found sleeping naked to be comfortable and beneficial. Maybe your parents will be open to it and give it a try themselves.



Step 4: Nudist friend

By now, nudity should have become a normal topic at your dinner table. Use this to your advantage and start mentioning this friend you have who is a nudist and enjoys the freedom that comes with it. List all of the benefits you have experienced yourself being nude and be open to any concerns or questions they might have. Remember, you are talking about your new friend who does not connect nudity with sexuality, but rather the feeling of freedom and comfort. If the conversation goes well, you might even bring up that you would like to give it a go yourself.



Step 5: You are a nudist

The final step is to tell your parents that you enjoy the nudist lifestyle and have chosen it for yourself. As they already should have heard about all the benefits that come with it by now, you can share that you decided to give it a go for yourself now and your experience with it. Let them know that you are planning on spending more time naked in your room and if they are bothered by the sight of your naked behind, ask them to knock before entering your room in order to give you time to get dressed, unless they do not care. Instead of asking for permission, ask your family if they prefer for you to cover up when they are around so everyone can be comfortable, as nudism is all about comfort.