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Weekly Online “Live” Yoga Classes to practice from the comfort of your home. Clothes optional sessions in the Vinyasa and Yin style for all levels of practitioners. The classes will be held on ZOOM and you will receive the link 30 minutes before the start with a beautiful Spotify playlist to play during the session.


Suspended – I hold weekly naked yoga classes in Clapham Junction on Wednesday, (19:00) London.
My classes are open to both men and women, and we practice in the Vinyasa and Yin style.
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If you are not sure about yoga or naked yoga and would like to have an initial call to discuss your goals with me, you can now book your “Skype Introduction Call”. This is a 15 min Skype call where we introduce each other and discuss your concerns. The proceeds will be donated to “Cancer Research UK”.


Public retreats: the opportunity to take some time off to fully immerse in yoga practice. We practice yoga twice a day, in beautiful settings. Private retreats: take a private yoga teacher along with your family or friends on holiday. Contact me to organise your retreat (naked or standard yoga).

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How the Media creates Body Issues

How the Media creates Body Issues

Each second our brain receives millions of single impressions. After receiving 40 of them consciously, the rest is being processed unconsciously, as it would otherwise be completely overwhelmed. Being stored in the unconscious mind, this information suddenly comes up...

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5 Most Popular Body Shaming

5 Most Popular Body Shaming

Throughout history, people have always shamed others for how their bodies looked. But in a world where you do not even have to show your face to do so, but can just hide behind a fake persona online, it has become even crueler. Body Shaming means the derision of...

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How to tell your parents you are a Nudist

How to tell your parents you are a Nudist

For many, there comes a point sooner or later where you want to share your love for nudity with your family. Making yourself vulnerable, especially if you are not completely sure about how they will react to the news, can be a rather daunting experience. You might...

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