MALDIVES - Yin-Yang Naked Yoga Class. Recording available for 7 days


Duration: 60 minutes.

Live from Maldives.
Get a taste of my group naked yoga classes. This will be a Yin-Yang class for all levels and perfect for beginners.
The recording will be available for you for 7 days and will be emailed to your inbox within 24 hours from your purchase

FEET FOCUSED - Naked Yoga Class Download & Keep Forever


Duration: 60 minutes.

Our feet carry more weight than we realize, and let’s be honest…we don’t really pay them much attention.
This class is designed to help build a solid and stable foundation in the feet, while the stretches can relieve tightened muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Try this sequence to take a little extra care of your tired feet.

I will email you the link within within 24 hours from your purchase, download and keep it forever.
The link will be available to download for 7 days

LIMITED EDITION - SIGNED COPY - The Naked Yoga Effect - P&P Included


= Limited Edition =
Signed copy of my book “The Naked Yoga Effect”.
Life before and after my cervical cancer journey. The struggles to love my body and how I discovered and loved Naked Yoga.
You will find tips on how to love and reconnect with yourself, also the benefits of being naked and how to get confident naked.
A step by step Beginners Yoga Guide that will introduce you to your new yoga practice. It’s also a photographic book, with stunning pictures of my own practice in the beautiful Italy.

WORKSHOP Headstand For Beginners - Recording available for 1 month


Duration: 100 minutes.

This session is suitable for beginners or practitioners afraid of inversions.

Mobility drills in preparation for headstand, Work core, spine, shoulders, arms, legs, and hands, Improve focus and awareness, Understand what headstands are all about, Headstand variations, Restorative Practice.

The recording will be available for you for 1 month and will be emailed to your InBox within 24 hours from your purchase.