All of us are born naked and being naked connects us more deeply with nature and reminds us that we are a part of it. In other societies nudity is still the norm/widely accepted. Over the years western society has made the human body a taboo and built-up shame around it even though it is our natural state of being. On top of social norms, many religions also deem nudity as sinful. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they realised their nudity and first experienced shame. Remember that you are not just breaking with your own beliefs, but societal and religious beliefs. On top of this, nude bodies, especially female ones, are being sexualised (just look at advertising). Understand that nudity does not equal sexuality, but rather just being, being as you are and being free.

Nudity can be a form of rebellion. It is you choosing to drop the layers society has put on you, all the masks you wear in your daily life and showing up as you are in your full vulnerability.

Take a moment to honour this and to honour yourself to take this path. Breaking with societal norms is not always easy and I am proud of you for choosing to take this path with me.

So, how you actually, get started? Maybe you had the privilege to grow up in a family where nudity is accepted and you practised nudism since an early age. Otherwise, the biggest step in order to become comfortable in your naked skin is to remove the shame around it. This usually is a process that happens gradually, step by step and make being in the nude normal.

Sleep Naked

The best way to start is by sleeping naked. Sleeping naked is a great way to experience the freedom of nudity and it is also proven to increase the quality of your sleep. Your body temperature is a bit lower which helps you to fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply. You also don’t have to deal with itchy or uncomfortable nightwear, meaning you are more comfortable physically. Sleeping naked can also increase the intimacy of a partnership when sharing a bed (not necessarily in a sexual way, but rather feeling close to the other person) and can be a great way of introducing your partner to naturism.

Spend Time Naked At Home By Yourself

Take a little bit of time every day, where you are naked in the comfort of your four walls. For example, you could be in the nude when getting ready for work in the morning or after getting home. This is a great way of freeing yourself from the persona you have been all day long. Imagine the freedom you get from taking off all of your clothes at home (if the temperature allows it). Over time increase the length of these intermezzos.

Get Used To Seeing Yourself Naked

When you are naked, walk past a full-body mirror to make seeing yourself in the nude the norm. Once this becomes easier, stand in front of the mirror and actually look at yourself. When you do so, please be kind and compassionate towards yourself. If a negative thought comes up, turn it into a positive one. Thank your glorious body for carrying you through life every single day and appreciate it for being there for you. For example «My thighs are too big.» can be reframed to «Thank you legs for strongly carrying me from A to B every single day and never letting me down.» Know that your body hears everything and treat it with love and respect.

Share Your Interest About Nudism

If you live with a partner or friend or family member share your interest in naturism and discuss with them if they would be open to practising it at home. Bear in mind, that they might have a completely different view on this as well. Do not take it personally, but rather be open to having an honest conversation about this with them. If they are open-minded, welcome it with praise. If they absolutely dislike the idea, respect it and be proud of yourself for sharing your interest in this with them. Try to go into the conversation without expectation and maybe they will change their mind in a little while, give them space for reflection.

Social nudism

As there are more and more places in which nudity is accepted, you can pick where to start. Depending on the country you live in, going to the sauna naked is the norm. This might be a good place to start, as you have a towel with you and can cover yourself up a little bit if it gets too much for you. During the lockdown, you can use online offers and sign up to one of my classes where you get to practice naked yoga in the comfort of your home. Book here. During the lockdowns many people tried Naked Yoga for the first time, really loved and embraced nudity and are now naturists. A nudist beach might also be a good place to start. A quick internet search will give you all the details of naked communities nearby. You can also participate in naturist online forums to learn more about the lifestyle and connect with other nudists. Bear in mind that in the naturist community staring or similar things are deemed no-gos and rude. Find comfort in knowing that real nudists will accept you for who you are without judgment and give others the same treatment in return. We are in this together and all want to experience the joy and freedom that comes with wearing your birthday suit.

Clothes Optional Holidays

Once you are comfortable being naked around others you might want to consider going to a clothes-optional resort for your next holiday. There you can spend a whole week enjoying the sun and the sea on your naked skin (without any tan lines) and get to know other like-minded people in a surrounding where nakedness is the ordinary, unassociated with sexuality and you can truly and fully be yourself.